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Inventure Academy - India Learning Foundation


The absolute highlight of every year at Inventure is the Annual School Production that flips between Primary and  Middle & Senior schools, so that effectively the Production visits a section of the school every alternate year. Thanks to the COVID pandemic, it has been 5  years since Primary had their own show! This also means that most parents have not witnessed the scale and the production values of an Inventure Production. Seeing is believing! We encourage you to come with family and friends, we guarantee you will not be disappointed! 


Every year, the Inventure Community comes together for a cause that we feel passionately about, which propels us towards positive change-making. Our earlier Productions have highlighted important issues such as exploring the purpose of education (The Road Not Taken 2019 ), clean water (Message in a Bottle 2018 ), traffic issues ( Are We there Yet?  2017 ). 


In this year’s Production we bring you ‘A Square Has Equal Sides’, a colourful musical performed by our Primary School students, on 3 February at the Prestige Srihari Khoday Centre for Performing Arts, Kanakapura. The auditorium is an experience in itself - and a fitting backdrop for the hardwork, creativity, talent and teamwork that you will witness on show day. 


Experience the journey of the students of Inventure Academy as they explore faith and friendship through music, dance, yoga and art in ‘A Square Has Equal Sides’, an enthralling musical which is set in an imaginary world - but fraught with real-life conflict. 


As children, one of the earliest shapes we discover is a square, and if a square has equal sides, why can’t society? 

Our Primary Musical looks at space and who owns it - who gets to celebrate and who is forced to sit on the sidelines? 

Our students certainly aren’t willing to blend into the background - join them as they take centerstage to sing, dance and tell a very important story, one that holds much relevance in these times of heartbreaking conflict.

The mammoth cast and crew of 480 students hope to imprint their thoughts in your heads, and hopefully also your hearts. 


Through our initiatives such as Our Safety Our Voice, Our Lakes Our Voice, Our Traffic Our Voice, Inventure has always nurtured an awareness of social issues and a proactive bias for action around these causes. All proceeds from the donor passes of ‘A Square Has Equal Sides’ will go towards Inventure’s initiatives at the Ramagondanahalli Government Higher Primary School. These past few years, we have been actively involved in developing english curriculum and teaching methodology to empower the students at our adopted Ramagondanahalli Government Higher Primary School. Student numbers at this school have shot up from 200 to 800+ (with a waiting list) and we are deeply committed to positively impacting more students’ lives. Do support this endeavour with your attendance at the Inventure Annual Production! 


We look forward to seeing you at the Prestige Srihari Khoday Centre for Performing Arts, Kanakpura, on the morning and/or evening of 3 February 2024.

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